Amiga Video Dongle

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This is a clone of the original Amiga video dongle that came with the A4000 computer, 1950, and 1960 video monitors. It simply allows one to connect a standard VGA monitor to the 23 Pin video port of an Amiga computer (See note below).

The item comes with a 3D printed shell which protects the circuitry. This is not anything 'elegant', like an injection molded plastic shell, it will most likely have small imperfections and blemishes in its finish.

Note: This is NOT a scan doubler. Your monitor must be capable of syncing down to 15kHz to use this device. Most VGA monitors and LCD flat screens cannot sync down to 15kHz. Some known monitors that will sync to 15kHz are listed here. Your mileage may vary.

A comment on shipping: Shipping to Europe from the US is fairly expensive, in the region of 15€. This is not to deter European customers, but only to forewarn them. 

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